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BIDZ VPN for IOS & Android

BIDZ is a layer 1 hybrid ecosystem of applications and e-commerce that intends to become CoT (Crypto of Things). Since their launch in June of 2022, BIDZ has made great strides towards making their vision of bringing global adoption to crypto. The company recently celebrated one such milestone with the release of their BIDZ VPN app, which is now available for download in the Google PlayStore and Apple App Store.

What is BIDZ VPN?

The typical internet user’s digital navigation occurs in a public domain, where corporations, and hackers lie waiting to collect the information consumers unknowingly leave behind as they browse. A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, hides your internet activity and safeguards sensitive information from security threats by creating a hidden back entrance to the digital world and shuffling your IP address between locations to prevent tracking.

Who could benefit from a BIDZ VPN membership?

Anyone that uses the internet could benefit from using a VPN to protect their data and keep their web activity anonymous. A VPN is for you if your goal is to prevent web traffic from being tracked and sold by your internet and phone service providers, or other third parties that intercept your information. An alarming number of people aren’t aware that connecting to a public Wifi network could potentially compromise their data security. A reputable VPN encrypts a user’s information so that a data breach can’t occur, even if activity is detected. .Those who wish to avoid the digital access restrictions set by their country of origin can use a VPN to browse and stream whenever and wherever they want!

How does BIDZ VPN stand out from other VPNs on the market?

Traditional VPN service providers ask for banking information that reveals a user’s identity in order to register for an account, contradicting their claims of confidentiality and defeating the purpose of a VPN. BIDZ VPN has rectified this incongruity by introducing a Virtual Private Network that can be utilized in true anonymity. BIDZ VPN does allow users to pay using a credit or debit card, but users seeking top-tier security can pay using BIDZ Credit. Not only does a user receive an unbelievable discount when they pay with BIDZ Credit, but BIDZ doesn’t require any personal information to register and use the app.

The BIDZ VPN app has clear instructions that allow users to connect to their chosen country’s network at the click of a button. The user-friendly interface displays the BIDZ Wallet ID and Credit Balance associated with the account, as well as the subscription end date for users’ convenience. Unlike many Virtual Private Networks that require a user to manually refresh their location or bounce users around on an internal server, BIDZ VPN works in the background to automatically switch a user’s location and actual IP address on a set interval.

Register with BIDZ Wallet ID

Registering for BIDZ VPN using your BIDZ Wallet ID is a breeze! If a user is new to the BIDZ Ecosystem, they must enter their unique BIDZ Wallet ID in place of an email address, create a password, and provide answers to a set of questions to register for BIDZ VPN. Correctly answering the security questions is the only way to regain access to BIDZ Wallet in the event a password needs to be reset, so make them memorable! Due to BIDZ’s single-sign on server, once a user is registered within the BIDZ Ecosystem, they can access the entire ecosystem with a single sign-on.

How to Pay for BIDZ VPN Using BIDZ Credit

Users must have a BIDZ Wallet ID to register for BIDZ VPN; watch this step-by-step tutorial on how to add BIDZ to your digital wallet here. With BIDZ Swap, users can exchange 1 to add a balance to their BIDZ Credit, users will:

1. Navigate to DApps in their digital wallet and select ‘BIDZ Swap’

2. Select ‘BNB Smartchain’ as their network

3. Hit ‘Connect Wallet’ to autofill their BIDZ Wallet ID

4. Add desired amount of money to exchange in ‘BIDZ Credit’ field

5. Click ‘Swap Now!’, then ‘Confirm’

A user will be notified of the success of their exchange within 3-6 seconds. The BIDZ VPN will show their updated Credit balance. Users will then hit connect, where they will be prompted to choose a monthly or yearly subscription plan and given the option to pay using their BIDZ Credit Balance or using a Debit/Credit Card.

Unlock the Lowest Cost on the Market

When users pay for their subscription using BIDZ Credit, they unlock the unheard of rate of $1.99 per month or just $14.99 for a year of access to BIDZ VPN. This is a better deal than any other VPN provider on the market is offering! Simply add sufficient funds to BIDZ Credit and follow the on-screen prompts in the BIDZ VPN app to subscribe.

Alternatively, credit and debit card users can still protect their online privacy at the competitive rate of $6.99 a month or $64.99 annually when they subscribe using Google or Apple Pay. Other VPNs run between $9.99 and $29.99 monthly for a membership, but BIDZ VPN offers virtually the same and even improved features compared to industry giants, but at a fraction of the cost.

You may be questioning why anyone would pay for access to a VPN subscription when free versions exist. VPNs that are free don’t have the same encryption features as other providers that don’t offer the same security as a reputable paid VPN.

Customized Security Settings

When users login to BIDZ VPN, they will be prompted to choose the option that most accurately reflects their intent in using BIDZ VPN. BIDZ determines how frequently to refresh a user’s location based upon the response recorded here. For instance, a user’s location is swapped at 4 hour intervals for those that choose streaming as their mode of use, every 2 hours if the user intends to use their VPN for gaming, and every 30 minutes for those that select surfing the web. If a user reports “Other” as their purpose, BIDZ VPN does not change their location. Currently, BIDZ VPN users have the option of secure connections through the following countries: USA, FRANCE, AUSTRALIA, SINGAPORE, GERMANY, AND CANADA. BIDZ VPN will be adding new countries monthly to provide users with a diverse selection of geographic locations to choose from.

BIDZ Developments to Come

Results of a worldwide study conducted in 2021 reported that over 50% of respondents from 8 out of the 11 countries surveyed agreed that protecting their online privacy was impossible, yet felt the convenience of using the internet was worth the risk to their data security (“Global Convenience”). BIDZ VPN, appropriately dubbed the “Cheapest VPN on the Market”, aims to standardize cyber protection by making it affordable for everyone.

There are nearly 40,000 different cryptocurrencies in circulation, with only 20,000 of them recognized and just over half of that number seeing frequent use. Even fewer of these coins offer any working products that give the coin tangible utility - despite proclamations initially made by developers. The release of their VPN app has proven that BIDZ intends to deliver on their promise of bringing working utility to their coin. BIDZ Coin isn’t just another coin in your wallet, users will be able to purchase real products and services through BIDZs’ supply-and-demand structured Ecosystem. Future developments include the release of a Tic-Tac-Toe game where users can earn coins, BIDZ Auction, an NFT marketplace, E-Commerce store, BIDZ Charity, and much more! By offering applications that consumers are already familiar with, the BIDZ Ecosystem will promote education about cryptocurrency through use of their streamlined platform.

Become part of the BIDZ family by joining their growing social community: Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Telegram, and TikTok. Visit the BIDZ Coin Website and refer to their Roadmap to stay up to date on the latest developments from BIDZ!